Thursday, February 16, 2012

Insert Coin: Alarm clock makes you enter a code to silence it, in another room

Insert Coin, a little part of Engadget that posts about interesting products that require funding to hit production. This post is about the nixie Ramos, an alarm clock that works by you posting the keypad panel in another room, and you having to enter either today's date or a code flashing on the nixie tube display. Don't think you can pull the plug either. It has a battery that can last hours and hours. I'm not sure if it's immune to smashing, though. 

Two time keeping options, LED and Nixie models, await your minimum pledges of $160 and $350 before the April 1st deadline. The latter features a nixie tube display I mentioned earlier, that will put any regular ol' alarm clock's digits to shame. You can spring for a long-range kit if you need to place your key panel more than 50 feet away from your nightstand. If you're feeling extra generous, a pledge of more than $800 will allow you to select the type of wood used for your Ramos.

Below is an excellent video if you want to see more info.

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