Friday, February 24, 2012

If You Won Taco Bell's "Unlock the Box" Promotion You May Not Have Won a Vita.

If you live in the states, you are pretty well aware of Taco Bell's PS Vita promotion, Unlock the Box. What you have to do is order a specially marked $5 big box, and your code is on the front of the box. All you can do then is hope you are a lucky winner.

If you entered the code through the website on January 30th, you might have seen a message that said that you were an instant winner. Well somebody decided to hack the site, and well...

Just because you got a "Congratulations, you won!" message, you might have not genuinely won a Vita. Someone hacked Taco Bell's website and "created too many winners" on January 30th.

 So Taco Bell is giving these not-winners a second chance to win a Vita in a separate drawing. This will only apply to those people who received the "Congrats" message erroneously on January 30th. The promotion is still running and will continue to do so until March 11th.

Would it really have killed them to just give those people a Vita? Yeah, I know it's idealistic and pure fantasy but they can afford it. I guess they don't want to reward the hackers' "bad behavior." I wonder if the hackers' entire point was to get Taco Bell to spend a lot of money giving away way too many Vitas.

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