Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hacker spites Symantec, puts pcAnywhere's source code out in the open

If you remember the last post I did about Symantec's source code, I explained that their pcAnywhere service was affected greatly, with source code from it and other products being released by hackers. Everything other than the pcAnywhere code is old and outdated, so you have no need to worry. If you use their pcAnywhere service, check for updates, because Symantec pushed out a few patches to prevent any hackers from launching any attacks. But here is some more interesting enforcement talking in place of Symantec was trying to  cut a deal with the hackers, but they demanded $50,000. So in the end there was no agreement reached, so the hackers will probably release the code. But not to worry, like I stated in the first few sentences. 

And really, I hope these hackers will get caught. Extortion is something at this level should be dealt with with some jail time I would believe, because you are most likely putting the public at risk.

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