Thursday, February 2, 2012

Google's New Bouncer Service Scans the Android Market for Malware

If you are a techie that keeps your eyes locked on the latest in smartphones, you know that Android has had its fare share of virus and other malware related mishaps. Well that is about to change according to them. Google has just announced its new project codenamed "Bouncer". It aims to keep malware out of the market, but also get rid of repeat developers that develop the rogue apps. It automatically scans the market for malware, but does not alter the user experience at all. The service will start scanning new apps that are put on the market, but will also scan all the older ones. 

Another big question is what does it scan. It scans for trojans, spyware, other lethal components, etc. Another big advantage for this is that it also checks for common behavior and characteristics of apps that are malicious.

But even with all this good news, it is even better to cite that the Android Market has seen a 40% decrease in the malware that used to flood its banks every few weeks or so.

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