Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Google Screenwise panel will pay you to track your every move online

Don't mind letting Google track your browsing habits? Well this is your lucky day. Google is not paying users for them to track you clicking habits. The company is recruiting panelists for a project it's calling Screenwise, a program that will give the internet behemoth more insight into how the general public uses the interwebs day in and day out. Once you opt in, you'll receive a $5 gift card code to Amazon and for up to a year, you'll get additional spending money every three months. 

But how will Google track your mouse clicks? Just before getting paid, you'll have to download a browser extension that will keep an eye on things and send your data back to the them. If you're looking to make a little more dough, Ars Technica reports that you'll be able to opt for a more lucrative hardware monitoring option. Here, you'll have to install the Screenwise Data Collector (pictured above) on your home network; however, the pay out is an initial Benjamin and $20 for every month you participate.

Hit the link below to see this info from Google. Keep checking there or bookmark the page to see when this is ready, if you are that interested. Remember, this is an optional service, so please don't flame about Google is stealing your personal information.

Click here. 

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