Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Foursquare PS Vita app hits US PlayStation Store

Good news for the people who use Foursquare, and happen to own the recently launched US PS Vita. Sony has announced that you can go and pick up the Foursquared Vita for a rather small amount of megabytes, weighing in at only 4.5. Nice on your new memory card. This app works over WiFi, but it is recommended that you use the Vita's 3G/GPS feature. Notably, the rear touchpad and cameras are listed as being compatible with the app, as well. Also, when you want to map your location, the app opens Google Maps in the browser rather than using the native Maps app.

I'm predicting that Sype will eventually hit the store, mostly because Sony has a contract with them saying that there has to be support for Sony's handhelds.

Has anyone missed the Facebook app from the store yet?

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