Friday, February 3, 2012

Dropbox offers up to 5GB of free space to anyone willing to try their new beta software

Good news for anyone using Dropbox. The company is now offering a bundle of free storage space in exchange for trying out a beta version of their new Experimental software. 

The process is really simple. Just download the program, upload a photo, and 500 MB just landed on your doorstep. Upload another photo or video, and 500 MB more just arrived. I guess that means that if you upload enough photos and/or videos, you can reach that 5 GB promising.

So, what is the software about? The idea is to test out the beta software's new photo and video uploader, which automatically pulls media from any camera, smartphone or SD card and drops it in the cloud.

Now this is beta software, so it is recommended that you think before you install any beta software. Beta, meaning it is still in development. So if you think that you can stand the risk of anything not going as planned, you can click the link below to go get the required materials.

Click here.

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