Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dashwire closes up shop, all your data to get flushed on February 15th

So you probably haven't thought about Dashwire for a few years. Well now is the time to look into it again, because they are going to be shutting down its servers and all data on them that is not claimed is going to be deleted February 15th. The last time you probably ever saw the service was in the days of Windows Mobile 6.0, on its way to making a break in the smartphone market. 

But for those who need a refresher, or never heard of it, here is what it did: Dashwire was a cloud service that delivered many of the ammenities we now take for granted in mobile device -- visual voicemail, threaded SMS, automatic sycing of photos, and status updates. Earlier this year, HTC snatched up the company. Now the apps have been dying a slow death on the market, and the Dashwire service itself has been languishing, so it will be shutting down and deleting all data on February 15th. So if you still have something still hosted in the cloud by them, then you need to go and claim it. 

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