Friday, February 3, 2012

Creative releases HN-900 noise-canceling headphones

In the past, Creative has been making really good headphones. Now, here is another one. This new noise-cancellation set, the HN-900, is coming to you soon. It has many good features to offer. First off, it does require batteries. 1 AAA could give you 40 hours of battery life. I think that is ok, being your not having to fumble around with cords all the time, and how you would store them when the headphones are not in use. Another feature is that the headphones has a microphone attached to it, so you can make voice calls with your cell phone. Sound good? Well below is a specs chart.
There is also a higher end model. It is called the Aurvana X-Fi 2. It adds virtual surround sound technology. More on that at a later time.

Also, does anyone have a Creative product? I actually own one of their ZEN MP3 players. I have a 2GB one, and I use it almost every day. It's never failed on me, and has survived a couple of drops, one being on hard concrete.

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