Friday, February 10, 2012

Canonical to end official Kubuntu support with 12.04

Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distro, has many versions of itself. One of those versions were Kubuntu. Kubuntu, the KDE interface version of Ubuntu will not be joining the unsupported list fairly soon. After seven years, Canonical has decided to focus all of its efforts on Ubuntu proper, and will be ending paid support for Kubuntu with version 12.04. That doesn't mean that the variant is dead, only that it might not be a great choice for enterprise customers.

Click here to view some info from the former lead developer for this product explaining the changes. 

And recently, I have been trying out Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS. I'm waiting for the 12.04 LTS release. But in the mean time, I have this PowerPoint Presentation of Kubuntu, embedded below if you would like to catch up on some info. After that is a photo showing off their support for now.

I hope you enjoy.

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