Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ASUS gives Transformer Prime a bootloader unlock tool, Ubuntu promptly ported

I saw this coming, at least the Ubuntu part. ASUS has finally released a bootloader unlock tool for its Transformer Prime TF201. But understandably, once you set your tablet free it will no longer be under warranty. In addition to this catch, your tablet needs to be running the Ice Cream Sandwich goodness as well. 

As for Ubuntu, modder littlesteve promptly ported a partially-working Ubuntu over to his unlocked slate, pictured above. Above is 2 terminal windows open, which is basically Ubuntu's fancy name for the command prompt if you don't know. The whole interface shown above is the new Unity interface, which replaced the GNOME shell. More coverage on how Ubuntu works on later posts. Steve says there's much work to be done yet, especially with enabling touchscreen support, so keep an eye on his tweets if you want more updates.

Source: ASUS@littlesteve (Twitter)

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