Saturday, February 4, 2012

Apple pulls OS X 10.7.3 delta upgrade after crash complaints, redirects to Combo Update

A few days ago, I released a post about Apple updating its OS for its Mac computers. But it is now known that there was some problems with it. The exact problems where app crashes and very odd CUI errors. Apple has now responded, pulling the update completely from its servers. While the problems seemed to manifest primarily for users that had upgraded their machines with the delta release, those that had used the discrete Combo Update download fared much better — and it's this 1.34GB "Mac OS X Updated Combined" update that now appears when one runs Software Update on a Mac running Lion 10.7.2 or earlier. Users attempting to download the original release directly are now forwarded to the separate page for the combined update, which reportedly also features a different build number (11D50b, rather than the original's 11D50). Affected users that haven't already rolled back to 10.7.2 may want to try installing the separate Combo Update, but for everyone else, it might be a good idea to wait for now.
Hopefully everyone did not get many problems.

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