Monday, February 13, 2012

About Ubuntu and Kubuntu (PowerPoints)

If you checked out the other post about when I said that Canonical was ending support for Kubuntu in version 12.04, which is due to be released in April, had a PowerPoint presentation embedded into it. That is due to the new SkyDrive system set up for this site, but I might explain about that at a later time. But now I realized that I should show you both of the PowerPoints that talk about Kubuntu and Ubuntu. So below are the both of them. If you have questions about these PowerPoints, email me. Contact info is provided at the bottom of every page. Also, check out these screenshots of Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS that I took a few days ago. They are good of you ask me. Click the pictures to see them larger, and in a slide show, because they had to be sized down to fit in the blog post.

Hope everyone enjoyed. All PowerPoints were provided by Ubuntu, and were unedited. Straight off the disc and into the cloud.

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