Monday, January 16, 2012

Verizon to stop allowing legacy Alltel devices to be activated on its network, starts today

Starting today, you will no longer be able to activate a Alltel Wireless legacy handset. This looks to happen after 3 years and two days of it fully acquiring the network. Don't panic though if you already have an activated Alltel device on the network. This only applies to any new activations. But Verizon does recommend that you switch to a newer device by now.

Here is the official statement from a Verizon:

Effective today, legacy Alltel devices can no longer be activated on our network. So, if you had an Alltel device sitting in a drawer or glove compartment and wanted to activate it today, you would not be able to. Today's change does not affect legacy Alltel devices that are currently activated and on our network.

It has been three years since Verizon Wireless purchased Alltel and to give customers the best experience on our network, we are encouraging them to move to current devices. Customers who are told they cannot activate an older Alltel device are able to take advantage of any current promotions, including free devices as offered on our Web site.

 Anyone even still use an Alltel branded phone?

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