Sunday, January 22, 2012

Three COWs descend on Lucas Oil Stadium, thanks to Verizon

Now before anyone goes crazy and asks "What is a cow" it stands for Cellular on Wheels. See the picture to the right.
When you think of the Super Bowl, what do you see? I see lots of things. Drinks, Pizza, Nachos, and other things. How about people and their mobile devices? Well that has seemed to go forgotten by most carriers, but not for Verizon. It is setting up for the big day, and wants you to say connected throughout the entire event. It has brought 3 LTE COWs to the Lucas Oil stadium, home of the Super Bowl 46. Not only that, but it has brought WiFi as well. More info will be in the video, but here is some of the basics. There will be 400 mobile antenna stations for your voice and data, and over 600 WiFi stations around the stations as well. 

Click here to see more info.

And below is a video.

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