Monday, January 9, 2012

Smartphones and tablets to get MicroUSB 3.0 ports

Wait, don't get your hopes up yet! The  USB Implementers Forum has just acknowledged at CES that USB 3.0 ports might not make it to smartphones until the end of 2012, or even at the beginning of 2013. Reason why? Slow adopters. There is a number of advantages of having a 3.0 port on your device, one of them being that your phone can charge faster. Since USB 3.0 can transfer more data then 2.0, it can also transfer more charge in that same amount of time. Hope this changes, because with wireless charging and other port standards gaining ground, USB 3.0 just might be to "old" before it even reaches the market. Want to know more about USB 3.0 in general? Go look at this video from Microsoft showing off how fast it can be by using test documents and other files. 

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