Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Samsung is refreshing the Series 5 Chromebook, releasing the new Chromebox in Q2

Picture provided by Engadget
While the world outside of Samsung might never now their Chromebook sales figures, it looks like they did good enough. Introducing the Chromebox. First of all, Samsung is going to do a refresher on their Series 5 Chromebook, and now they are going to release in Q2 2012 a new device Google teased about all the way last spring. 

The changes to the series 5 are a little low. It has an updated cover, and the logo placement has changed. On the inside, it has made one change. Instead of now having an Intel Atom processor, which is common in netbooks, it has now stepped up to a more powerful processor, the Celeron series. Those aren't the best, though.

As far as the Chromebox goes, hardware is not going to change that much. The Chromebox has been confirmed by Samsung that it will come bundled with a wireless mouse and keyboard, which is nice considering that wireless keyboards can get in the $60+ dollar range. Wireless mouses aren't that expensive these days, but is still nice to include. Maybe a good poll might be to see if you use a wireless mouse with your computer. In fact, check for that in another post.

As for the Chromebox's specs, it has a handful of ports, including five USB 2.0 sockets, DVI, DisplayPort and a headphone jack. CPU, GPU, and other hardware specs are remaining to be seen for now, and I will make another post when the info comes available.

And thanks to Engadget again, here is another gallery full of hands on pics of the Chomebox. They really do a good job of taking pictures! So here they are.

Also, if you want to view a larger picture, click on on of the images to view it larger, or you can see a image slideshow as well when you do that. I had so scale the pictures down to make them fit in the blog post.

And another note, while the Chromebox is appealing and very small, its $400 price tag is going to be its reason for its future sales figures not being high. Anyone is welcome to disagree, but please here this: anyone with $400 and was about to get a PC, they would go and get a PC. Remember, the Chromebox is powered by ChromeOS, which is almost just a web browser as an OS. Anyone with that money would be rather off just buying a PC. If Samsung lowered its prices, I'm almost completely sure that they would make money off of this. If it was lower, I'd probably get one.

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