Friday, January 20, 2012

Rovio Not Planning Public Stock Offering in 2012

Rovio, the insanely popular developer of the insanely popular game, Angry Birds, has said that it is not planning on having public stock this year. Marketing chief Peter Vesterbacka confirmed the company, which has moved over 600 million copies of the avian slingshot game and has been valued at up to $9 billion. Now that is what I call rich. 

"We are not in a rush. This year is way too early for an IPO, there are too many open things, and we are in a very early stage of the Angry Birds lifecycle," said Vesterbacka. "Hong Kong is very interesting, absolutely, but again it is totally dependent on how markets develop. Asia is where all the people are, and future growth."

Analysts are skeptical of Rovio's IPO, mainly because the company continues to only have one hit franchise.

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