Monday, January 23, 2012

Other media sharing sites limiting service in wake of MegaUpload shut down

The feds really put the smack down on MegaUpload, didn't they? Charging them for mass copyright infringement, as well as devoting their site and sister sites to sole copyright infringement. As a result, many other media sharing websites are not taking their chances and are limiting their service. How? There are many ways, but varies by company. 

 Sites such as FileSonic and Fileserve have removed file sharing from its menus, making you the only person that can access your files. No info yet on if you can still access someone else's files if you had a link before this. has blocked all us IP address, blocking access from the US. None of the companies has stated that it is because of MegaUpload's current legal troubles as the cause of these sudden changes, but many have pointed this out as the reason.

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