Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Always Innovating HDMI dongle brings Android to your HDTV

Ever see this? This a dongle that plugs a USB end into your Android device, and the other end is a HDMI cable plug. To me that is awesome. You can now hook up your preferred Android device up to your HDTV that supports HDMI. This gadget is going to be shown off at CES, so if your there, be sure to demo one to see this for yourselves. This gadget also does some other features other than HDMI. It also is a chip for your TV. It now becomes a dongle that can connect your TV to the internet, so now you can access Netflix and other services. So in other words, it makes your non-internet connected TV into a internet-connected tv. This dongle is a like a full system dongle, featuring a Cortex-A9 CPU, between 256MB and 1GB of RAM, inbuilt WiFi / Bluetooth, an NFC module and an accelerometer. The goal here is to convert your completely non-internet connected HDTV into an internet-connected one. All you have to do is just plug it into your HDMI port, grab the bundled RF remote and start enjoying your Android device on the big screen. It's capable of streaming content at 1080p, and accessing Hulu, Netflix or Amazon's video store. Prices are said to start at $79, but still no release date.

Below is a press release, and then some awesome videos:


LAS VEGAS, Nevada, January, 2012

Always Innovating is pleased to announce the HDMI Dongle, a revolutionary new portable set-top box. The HDMI Dongle is a device of the size of a stick that can be plugged into any HDMI port to transform a dumb TV into a smart Internet-connected screen. The HDMI Dongle enables Internet browsing, movie watching and games.

The HDMI Dongle can run Android Ice Cream Sandwich and is compatible with GoogleTV. The device provides a full-compatible Android experience and any application for this operating system can run on the dongle. The HDMI Dongle can stream and decode from the Internet 1080p H.264 video. The device is compatible with popular services such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon video-on-demand. The user interface is controlled with a 9-button remote control for easy navigation, and voice recognition for text input. The accelerometer located in the remote control enables a set of gravity-based games. The remote control also features a NFC chip to offer a tap-to-share experience.

The HDMI Dongle is based on the Texas Instruments Cortex-A9 OMAP 4 which can run from 1GHz to 1.8GHz depending of the configuration. It offers 1GB of RAM and a micro SD card for local storage. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module enables the device to connect to the Internet and to any Bluetooth-enabled accessories.

Always Innovating does not intend to produce the HDMI Dongle but offers it on a licensing basis. The HDMI Dongle is expected to hit the selves with a first licensee during the summer 2012. The HDMI Dongle can also be used as the heart of a tablet or MID device. An expansion slot features interfaces to camera and LVDS screen which allows to plug a 1920x1080 LCD. The PCB provides all the features of a tablet including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery management, camera and NFC connectivity.

Like all other Always Innovating products, the HDMI Dongle is fully Open Source.

About the Company
Founded by serial entrepreneur Grégoire Gentil, Always Innovating leverages the latest developments in open source technologies worldwide to create innovative products that solve real problems for consumers. The company is based in San Francisco, California.

I think this is a really cool device. Definitely worth taking a look at and picking one up. Comments Welcome.

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