Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Netflix Q4 2011 results: 220k new streaming-only customers, beats earnings estimates

Netflix has just now released their earnings report for Q4 2011, and it holds some interesting details. First off is that the subscriber count is now 21.67 million. DVD subscribers are down, but that was expected when many customers left due to rate hikes, and the service splitting into another division. It was a tough last quarter for Netflix, because it lost subscribers. Some of it is also caused by the search for a new Chief Marketing Officer. 

Some good news though, is that it exceeded its goal for streaming, gaining more customers there and making higher profit then expected, which was $52 million.

There is also more news about its competition. Netflix cosigned a rumor indicated today by the New York Post that Amazon may spin off its Prime Instant video service into a cheaper-than-Netflix standalone offering.

And here is some more news about the Warner Brothers' latest news for Netflix, which is that it will have to wait 56 days to get new DVD/Blu-Ray releases, instead of their competitors sill getting them after 30 days. Netflix says that it does not like the terms, but it thinks that it is more efficient then buying from retail like it has done before. It also says that it expects more "differentiated dates" from studios going forward. 

When its Starz deal comes to a close soon, Netflix says it will plug the content hole by licensing some of the movies from Encore directly from the studios, and some Disney flicks. This is going to last at least until its Dreamworks deal comes into effect in 2013. Netflix also comments that "content is a differentiator", and that it's "increasingly" licensing content exclusively to fight its true competition, TV Everywhere services like HBO Go.

Also, in an update from Netflix, there is no plans to carry video game rentals. As far as 3D goes, it already has 3D blu-rays out, but it is "looking into" streaming 3D content.

Here's another twist....due to the extremely long press release, and that it features a lot of tables and other pieces of data, I'm going to link to it. Click here to see the PDF.

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