Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Magnetic soap could make your next oil spill less oily

Instead of spending millions and billions of dollars cleaning up the next future oil spill, why not just go buy some soap? That is what researchers at the University of Bristol are saying. They have soap like no other. It is magnetic, so it can be cleaned from the water without having to leave harsh chemicals behind.  This also means that it will be a major selling point for clean up crews and environmentalists. 

Now, you might be asking "how is it made"?. Don't worry, here is the info. The team collected water with chlorine and bromine ions, and used it to dissolve iron particles, creating a metallic core. They proceeded to test their creation by placing the soapy particles within a test tube, underneath layers of water and oil. To their delight, they were able to remove the soap using only a magnet. This has now made the foundation for other people to build on.

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