Sunday, January 8, 2012

Linux Kernel Reaches Version 3.2

A little later than expected, but here it is. Linux (the kernel) has now reached version 3.2 for all those OS/Programmer techies out there. As usual, it packs a number of improvements-most of them are under the hood. Probably the most exciting are some power-saving features related to graphics drivers, which should help get those battery life issues under control in the Ubuntu 12.04 build. Other improvements include better WiFi drivers and faster read access to EXT4 formatted file systems. The list of changes are, to me, very good. Make sure that you hit the link below to view the change log to view the complete list of changes. If you have never heard of Linux, I suggest that you go here to read about it in Wikipedia. Also, if you have not noticed yet, Wikipedia has a HTTPS mode for viewing articles. Instead of just going to an ordinary article, just type https instead of http in the address bar of your browser. Nothing is special, but now you reading securely when you do that.

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