Friday, January 13, 2012

Kinect for Windows at CES

Image By Microsoft
[I was not going to post this originally, but I decided too, so that is why it is a few days late]
One of the announcements at this years CES was Kinect for Windows. It looks like the way it looks above, and is different than the Kinect for Xbox 360. One of the differences between the two versions is the Kinect itself. The Windows version does not require you to stand far away from your PC, or where the Kinect is located. And I don't believe that is is compatible with the Xbox, and vice versa. I also don't believe that it is compatible with anything but Windows 7 and above. The device is going to be released in February at a hefty price of $250. But this sounds like another device that won't sell good because of the price tag. But I guess I have to see, but there is some speculation for ya.

That is pretty much the info I got right now,but if you would like to provide more, then go ahead in the comments and I'll update the article.

But on another note, think about the possibilities. This device could make alot of applications more interactive, and make gaming on the PC even more popular. That would almost eliminate the need for an Xbox 360 in the first place.

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