Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition heading to US

Just a month and few days ago, GT5 Spec II was announced. While Spec II will be hitting store shelves February 2nd, this release will be hitting a few days before it on January 17th. As with the Japanese version, this re-release of the game will contain the original game along with all previously released DLC. Of that content, only the patches will be on-disc, while the extra packs will be available by a PSN voucher.

Possibly in a response to gamers’ thoughts on the Japanese price, the XL Edition will retail at $39.99.

Above was a pretty nice res cover photo of the game box, provided by the PlayStation Blog. Also below is an image of the Spec II release that is dated to come out a few days after the XL is released.
And some is some info from the PS Blog. Treat this as somewhat a press release:

Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition Contents
  • Original Gran Turismo 5 game, featuring more than 1,000 cars, 20+ locations with 70+ track layouts, diverse racing styles including rally, track, karting, NASCAR, and more, deep online community features and online racing, plus Gran Turismo TV, Course Maker and more.
  • All of the new and improved features and functionality from all free downloadable game updates up through Spec 2.0 included on the disc.
  • Voucher good for over $20 worth of DLC content, including the Racing Car Pack, Car Pack 2, Course Pack, Racing Gear Pack, and Paint Pack.

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