Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Google Updates Privacy Policy, effective March 1st

Google has updated their privacy policies. What does it do? I'll explain. See, since Google has many services, it had way to many privacy policies each one for just one service. But now, it has reworked how it does with privacy policies, combining all of them into on policy on a single document. It is shown in the video it did below. This policy also has another feature added--it now collects information about how you use its services to help you use other services. Meaning, when you use one service, that info connects to all the other services you use. Don't worry though, it has went through its "We don't share your personal info externally" speech. That info is also shown in the video below. This policy will take effect March 1st, so for now you'll have to deal with the ones they have.

Click here to read the post from the Official Google Blog

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