Friday, January 27, 2012

Google+ Opens to Teens, new privacy controls for them

The worlds teenage population can now thrive on this info. Google+ is now opening to teens. Google+ VP Bradley Horowitz made the announcement yesterday, confirming that anyone old enough to own a Google account can now join the social network. That applies to most countries for users that are 13 and older. Previously, Google+ was opened up only to the crowd of 18 years and up. The new update also brings in more privacy features for the young users. Users will now be warned whenever they try to publish a public post, and can only be contacted by those that are in their circles. However, if a teen tries to join a hangout, he or she will only be able to receive audio and video from those that are in their circles. Above is a picture of what I mean.

Click here to view the official blog post from Bradley Horowitz

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