Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cyborg cockroaches inch closer to reality

Image by The Life Files
Cockroaches have survived everything on this planet, but how about cyborg ones? Well cyborg cockroaches might become a reality. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University are looking to create these robotic critters, and they're a lot closer than you think. In fact, chemistry professor Daniel Scherson has found a way to harvest energy from the chemicals swimming within these insects, which means that they may soon be able to create robot cockroaches with a more reliable power source. In order to do this, Scherson and his team incorporated enzymes capable of converting a cockroach's food intake into electrons, which can then be funneled through a fuel cell to generate electricity. Unlike similar developments that are out there, Scherson's technique doesn't rely on an external source like light, movement or batteries.

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