Saturday, January 28, 2012

Company turns to bribery for 5 star Amazon reviews

In the world there is many things that are just plain wrong. This is one of them. If you can see above the company VIP Deals was emailing its buyers of its products to give their products good reviews. 5 stars were not mandatory, but was expected. The exchange? A full refund in exchange for a good review.

In a place like Amazon, getting good reviews are very vital to get your product to sell. It's been proven, at least for me anyways. Creating dummy accounts is no longer the answer, so the newest move is to bribe the buyers to do good reviews. Well it didn't turn out good. Amazon has since pulled the plug on the reviews and all VIP Deals products from its website.

Another thing that is sad is now people are finding out how easy it is for a seller to game Amazon's system and how a reputable outlet can protect its customers from ratings scams. This is an eye opener for sure. Want more info? Hit the links below.

Click here to read the post from the New York Times
Click here to read the document

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