Monday, January 23, 2012

Australia's new 4G network is pretty darn fast, proved by this

How fast is Telstra's new 4G network? Really fast if you ask me. Ausdroid ran a speed test on the HTC Velocity, Australia's first 4G handset. The image to the left shows how fast it is, based on their results. An impress amount topping 32.82 Mbps with an upload of 11.26 Mbps. But Ausdroid was very quick to say that the speed will most likely to vary over Telstra's network.

Also, there was even higher numbers by another person. Trevor Long managed to get 39.85 Mbps down, and 11.88 Mbps up.

Does anyone know what technology they are using at their LTE? If anyone knows, please post in the comments.

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