Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anonymous tricked the public into attacking websites

Megaupload, if you forgot, was a file sharing website. Why I say was? Because it was seized by the US Federal Government. Anonymous, the huge and popular hacking collective, retaliated against this news by hacking and taking down the Department of Justices, MPAA, RIAA, Universal Music, and countless others. Recently though, has details on how this attack was preformed leaded and discovered. So, how did Anonymous do it? It's easy--let the public do it along with them.

So here was how it was done: Anonymous posted a link you could click on Twitter, and when users clicked on it, they unknowingly ran JavaScript code that instantly made their machine send hundreds of thousands of requests to the DoJ's, or any other server. This made the server unresponsive, trying to handle all the requests. The server would then not be able to return the requests, creating a successful Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS for short). 

In previous attacks preformed by Anonymous, people were instructed to download a piece of software to their computers and run it to preform the attacks. Now though, they got smarter, and made it so that all you had to do is click a link.

And, if you try going to MegaUpload's site now, all you will see is this:

So, lets be honest. Did anyone click one of their links on their Twitter feed?