Friday, December 30, 2011

Windows Updates Released, patches items in Microsoft .NET Framework

Today at around 5:10 AM, I was sitting at my computer checking a few emails when I got a little balloon coming from my taskbar saying that updates were ready. So I looked, and there were 4 of them, at least for my copy of XP, which is updated all the time. I have a few screen shots that I took during the update, so you can at lease saw what they were for. I'm not going to type them out, because the details are in the high res images. These updates must have been important, because it is not patch Tuesday, or "Update Tuesday" as Microsoft calls it. As said in the title, it is updates to Microsoft's .NET frame work. It applies to many versions and service packs, and goes across every OS that Microsoft currently supports.

You guys even get to see what my taskbar looks like. I use XP as my main machine, so that is what it is, but I'm sure that the taskbar gives it way with the evident "Luna" XP theme. If you have questions about what I use on my PC, send a email to I'd be glad to answer, even make a FAQ post.

Here are some images.

Here is Windows Update installing the updates.

Here is a full screen snap shot of it updaing. It also shows what is going to be updated. Please note that the image is scaled and I'm sorry if some people have trouble reading it. If you hae a problem reading it, I'm update the post with the text typed out along with the picture.

Here is Windos Update after it is done installing. All was successful, and here is the list again.
I do not if there was any more updates for Windows 7, but I think there was because Windows 7 probably has more updates due to it being newer, and probably has more versions of the .NET frame work.

Also, if you have not seen on what do you think of the blog, go here.

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