Monday, December 19, 2011

Interactive White Boards-SMART or Promethean?

Today in this world, there are 2 main brands of IWB's (interactive white boards). These boards use a projector, a computer, and the board itself to write notes or make other presentations using digital ink and requires not physical ink to use.

The two main brands are 


Promethean entered the market as an education provider right off the bat, as SMART was originally intended for business markets and now is available for education for market as well. Another big difference between the two technologies is what is inside the boards. Promethean uses its patented Electromagnetic Plus technology, and now with its new 500 series boards (their entire line of IWB's are called ActivBoards), a sensing grid for touch. Smart uses resistive touch. For more info on these two, click here to read more info about it. If you don't know about any of these, then go to YouTube and look at the two. But for those that do know what these two brands are, then go and post your thoughts in the comments.

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