Saturday, December 24, 2011

PS Vita Sells 321,000 in Two Days!

The PS Vita is selling fast! According to Sony, they have managed to sell ~321,000 units in just 2 days.  After hitting Japan December 17th, it has sold that much. I'm not surprised, as portables are insanely popular over there. But one thing that I do know is some of those sales were US imports. There has been plenty unboxing videos from YouTube unboxing the Vita imported from the US. Since the Vita is region-free, importing has made it possible. That also means that you can import and play game cards that are in a different region as you, unlike the PSP and other consoles that are region locked. Sure, there has been hacks the the PSP that allowed it to play games from another region, but that was a hack, not an official making of it. Below is a video from YouTube that I found that has an unboxing in English.

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