Thursday, December 29, 2011

PS Vita Sales Take a Nosedive in Week 2

It's only week 2, but the PS Vita's sales are already plummeting.
When it first came out, Sony's PS Vita was a smash, selling 321, 407 units in the first 2 days alone. In the second week, however, it only sold 72, 479 units, coming behind the PSP, which sold 101, 121 units. It also sold less than the PS3 (75, 943 sold), the Wii (81, 179 sold) and all were stomped by the Nintendo 3DS, which sold a whopping 482, 200 units.

Of course, no one should read into this too much. It's a common theme in these launches, as the high price point is more than people want to pay and they will wait until it drops to fork over their money. Also, a lot of people will buy the old system after the new one comes out, knowing that the price on an older system will drop when the new one is introduced. The 3DS went through these growing pains when it debuted and as you can see it's feeling much better now.

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