Friday, December 23, 2011

PlayStation Vita Memory Card Prices

Its official- it has been a good week now and now I think it is the right time to post the info on this site as well. The PlayStation Vita is a new console that will be released in the US in February. It has a Quad core processor and has tons of features that the PSP had, such as dual analogue sticks. So without a word more, here is the list, these are the suggested retail prices:


  • 4GB = $20
  • 8GB = $30
  • 16GB = $60
  • 32GB = $100
Also here are some more things to note.

  • The PlayStation Vita has no type of internal storage, unlike the PSP Go. This has made many gamers upset.
  • PS Vita games that are high profile will be priced at $39.99, same as PSP games that are high profile.
  • Some games will require a PS Vita Memory Card. Some others won't though.
  • PS Vita memory cards are closed platform meaning that it only works on the Vita, so the cost of these cards will be pricy.

Are you going to get a Vita? What size memory card are you going to get?

Comments Welcome.

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