Friday, December 23, 2011

Microsoft says 2012 Will Be its Last Major CES Appearance

Microsoft says that 2012 will be the last time that they are at the CES in January. They said that that will be their last major appearance, according to their blog.

“We have decided that this coming January will be our last keynote presentation and booth at CES. We’ll continue to participate in CES as a great place to connect with partners and customers across the PC, phone and entertainment industries, but we won’t have a keynote or booth after this year because our product news milestones generally don’t align with the show’s January timing.”
Microsoft has been a long-time staple of CES, and its keynotes are often the most popular at the show. The move is an interesting one as far as CES is concerned. It will be interesting to see if other companies follow suit and decide to not attend in the future as well.

 What do you think about Microsoft’s decision to pull out of the show?

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