Monday, December 26, 2011

Apple kicks off 12 Days of iTunes, offers a dozen freebies to last into 2012

Need gentle nudging into using iTunes after getting an Apple-branded gift? Well Apple has just now created a program called the Twelve Days of Christmas, which starts today-January 6th.  The free gifts kick off with some Coldplay tracks and videos from the band's latest Apple-sponsored festival appearance. But don't let that put you off;  you can expect to see more music, some apps and even books over the next few days. Each one's available for just 24 hours, so it could be worth checking the dedicated app daily. It's up for grabs at the link below.

Note: For now this is only for the UK. I know that sucks, but this post will be updated when changes occur.

Here is the source link from iTunes

What are your thoughts?

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