Techman's World has the ability to accept donations for a multitude of things, such as projects and website costs. Below are all of the supported (official) methods of accepting donations. If you have questions about a certain method, or wish to suggest another method, feel free to drop a message in the contact form.

Method One: PayPal

PayPal does take a portion of donations as fees, but this is by far the easiest (for most) to make donations.

Method Two: Google Wallet

  1. Use the contact form, choose other, and provide your name and email address, as well as the amount of money that you'd like to donate
  2. I will send you a request for the amount you specify when I have time to read your message

Method Three: Patreon

Patreon is a service used by content creators to allow their audience to more directly contribute money to their "entity" (be that a YouTube channel, website, etc) to help support their content.

Click here to visit the Patreon page for Techman's World.

Method Five: Bitcoin

If Bitcoin is your thing, here's all you need.
Bitcoin address: 16stEzSc1xLc9vGapows2jEYfs1SvGCzj1